Tranzgate is a payment service that allows businesses receive payment online. The payment platform commenced operations in November 2009. Websites that accept Tranzgate can accept payment from all the major Nigerian debit cards and also from the Tranzgate wallet. Tranzgate is owned by Electronic Settlement Ltd, an independent, private sector led, limited liability Company located in Lagos, Nigeria focused on providing Innovative, Dependables, Easy-to-use, Affordable and Secure payment solutions.
Tranzgate can be used to make and receive payments over the internet. Tranzgate can be used only on merchant websites that accept Tranzgate.
By integrating Tranzgate on your site, you can accept payment from multiple payment channels like the debit cards and mobile money. Funds are transferred securely through Tranzgate and money is deposited into the seller's Tranzgate account. Funds can only be withdrawn by Tranzgate verified merchants.
Tranzgate registration and making payments is free. Please visit our fees section for more information (
Tranzgate is totally secure with data encryption, SSL certificates, 24/7 monitoring and other myriad methods to keep you totally covered.
The merchant decides. This can be easily selected from the merchants Tranzgate Dashboard.
To integrate Tranzgate on your website:
  • Open a free Tranzgate account on
  • Visit our developers page at > Developers or click the link
  • After integrating, please fill and submit a UAT form
  • Tests would be done to confirm your integration is properly done and your Merchant Application Form has been submitted
  • Your site is made LIVE and you can now start receiving payment
Tranzgate saves you time.
  • all your financial information in one place.
  • No more hassle typing debit card numbers each time you make a purchase.
  • Faster than checks - no waiting in line at the bank.
Tranzgate is safe
  • Your financial information is never shared.
  • never see debit card or bank account numbers.
  • Experienced fraud prevention team fights fraud before it happens.
Tranzgate is cost-effective
  • It's always free to make purchases.
  • Affordable pricing for all businesses.